SEEK Discovers Building Tasks are on the Increase and it’s Building Up Pay

NEED for blue and white-collar building market workers is surging and recruiters state this growing appetite is pushing up pay.

“We have actually seen a genuine (salary) shift in the last two to three months– business are providing some relatively healthy pay rises to get individuals on board or to keep their staff,” said Adam Shapley, local director of the construction and home department of employer Hays.

New figures from SEEK show that nationally, construction advertising was 13 percent greater in October this year compared with a year ago.

SEEK’s Work Trends Report discovers a minimum of a 30 percent spike in the number of advertisements noted to occur for plant and machinery operators, contract supervisors, and health, security and environment workers, which were the top 3 growing sub-sectors.

SEEK Australia and New Zealand managing director Michael Ilczynski stated that all sub-sectors of building tape-recorded development, except its smallest sector, quality assurance and control, made up less than 1 percent of all jobs anyway.

In Victoria, building task ads were up 25 per cent, in NSW they rose 16 percent; Queensland had a 19 percent boost while South Australia tape-recorded the biggest growth proportionally, up 37 percent year-on-year.  This has been assisted by the growing utilisation of employees needed to work equipment such as low loaders.

Mr Shapley stated construction hiring would grow even more, peaking in the next 12 to 24 months.

Project managers, agreement administrators, estimators, forepersons and website supervisors remained in shortage, reflected in the SEEK data as the jobs with the greatest number of brand-new job advertisements.

Mr Ilczynski stated the Rider Levett Bucknall Crane Index likewise proved building and construction was at record levels.

“The most recent index has actually reported a record of 663 tower cranes throughout Australia for Quarter 3, 2016, with 90 per cent of cranes on eastern seaboard projects, importantly and notably cranes South Australia, and 81 per cent of all cranes on brand-new residential advancements,” he stated.

“These Index statistics help support the development pattern we have actually seen in building task ads on SEEK this October.”

Hays reports in South Australia, roadway tasks such as the Northern Connector and Darlington upgrade were increasing demand for engineers and estimators.

In NSW, commercial building and construction was reaching its peak

Melbourne’s construction market was at its acme considering that detailed data began to be gathered in 2002 and companies were thirsty for staff.

Brisbane’s strong housing market was sustaining work for estimators and other front-end building employees in addition to managers.

Overall the number of task ads on SEEK throughout all markets was up 3.9 percent year-on-year.

The very best growth in task ads across all industries happened in South Australia, up 12.8 per cent year-on-year, while WA– once the darling of the nation’s market for labour– was the only state or area to record a decrease, with task ads down 16.1 percent year-on-year.

“SA’s marketing uplift on SEEK is being driven by development across the state’s leading advertising markets, which are trades and services (up 22 per cent year-on-year), health care and medical (up 16 percent year-on-year) and manufacturing, transportation and logistics (up 13 percent year-on-year),” Mr Ilczynski stated.

“In NSW, Australia’s largest labour market, advertising on SEEK rose 4.9 percent year-on-year this October, while in Victoria job advertisements were up 7.9 percent year-on-year when compared with the exact same period in 2015.

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Australian Property Tips You Need To Know

holiday accommodation

Melbourne Property Market Prices

Over the past couple of years, Melbourne home values have actually risen at the 2nd fastest pace in all capital cities, with holiday accommodation not far behind

Auction clearance rates have actually regularly been high and discounting and time on market levels have actually fallen across the city over the year showing strong market depth from a variety of home purchasers and financiers.

Melbourne’s Economy

As a cosmopolitan, imaginative city that is served by a variety of industries, Melbourne citizens take pleasure in employment in varied industries, from tourist, hospitality and home entertainment to commerce, industry, and trade.

The unemployment rate presently hovers around 6% in the inner city, growing to 6.5-7% in the inner and northeast, and 8% in Melbourne West.

Like much of Australia, Melbourne is transitioning from a manufacturing state (even small business that may manufacture roller blinds)  to one owned by service markets, which is creating strong task growth and resultant overseas and interstate migration.

While the economy may not be as robust as it was, the momentum of the Melbourne custome homes market is developing a “wealth impact” for many of its locals who are feeling wealthier as the worth of their homes keeps increasing.

Buy a residential or commercial property where you can manufacture capital development

A perfect financial investment is one where you can make capital development through refurbishment, remodelings or redevelopment.


Melbourne’s Average Rental Yield

While over the long term rentals have actually grown in line with home values, more just recently rental growth has actually stayed moderate, especially in areas like the great ocean road where Lorne accommodation can be quite pricey who offer lavish apartments with nice roman blinds.

The average rental earnings from a financial investment residential with great modern house designs or commercial property in urban Melbourne was $365, inning accordance with the Department of Human Services in Victoria, increasing 2.4% from the previous year.

For investors, this means a typical increase in rental income of $8-10 per year.

The Eastern city brought the highest median rent at $490, while Port Phillip and Stonnington in the Southern city generated the highest rental return by residential area, attaining $1,050 and $1,150 respectively.

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The True Costs Of Opening Up A Gallery Business

People keep asking me how much it costs to do a number of things like beginning a business. The most popular one at the moment is how much it takes to setup a gallery with state of the art picture hanging systems After explaining it a number of times it sounded like I was a continuous broken record. So, I found a great resource which basically reflects what I had been explaining to friends and colleagues. I hope this answers some of your questions!

art hanging systems

Open book – how much does a gallery cost?

I’ve been quite conflicted about writing this post as it relates to a taboo subject… money.  As a culture, we don’t talk about money or our finances unless we absolutely have to.  And even then, it is usually to someone like a bank manager regarding employee engagement or a partner.

I’ve recently been reflecting on the purpose of this blog.  It is about documenting my journey and being able to share it with you.  With this in mind, it is only fair that I open my books and share the financial side of one hundredth gallery with you.

There is another reason for my sharing.  Up until now, everything I have done has been for free, including the Grand Opening Exhibition.  However, logically this can’t continue as I don’t have an endless supply of funds.  After reading the financials below, you will see that one hundredth gallery is my ‘passion project’ for aspiring and emerging artists and is not a business that is ever going make me rich; well at least not in the financial sense of the word.

Start Up Costs
·        Floors 3,400
·        Walls 5,000
·        Lighting 3,200
·        Hanging 820
·        Council 1,000
·        Furniture 2,500
·        Interest 8,550
·        Running Costs (Bills) 2,700
·        Total 27,170
Monthly Costs
·        Interest 1,710
·        Council Rates 100
·        Body Corp 170
·        Electricity 200
·        Water 100
·        Advertising 100
·        Insurance 100
·        Total 2,480
Potential Monthly Income
·        Rental 6,088 (100 per metre per fortnight)
Forecast Monthly Income
·        Rental 4,262 (based on renting out 70% of the wall space)
·        Commission (10%) 300 (based on 3,000 worth of work selling per month)
·        Total 4,562
Forecast Profit (before tax)
2,082 per month
24,984 per year

So, there you have it!  My forecasted profit, which is also my forecasted salary, is just under $25,000 per year before tax.

However, before I actually make any money, it will take over 13 months to recover my start-up costs.

As with any financial planning, there are a number of variables at play with all of these numbers.  If the gallery wall space rents at less than 70%, then I will make less than $25,000.  On the flip side, if 100% of the gallery space rents out, then I will make a $47,000 profit/salary before tax… Look out seaside mansion in Brighton, here I come!

Commission is another variable; however one hundredth gallery is dedicated to increasing the exposure of aspiring and emerging artists, giving them the opportunity to build their CVs. If we do sell artwork, it will be at a lower price point, and 10% commission on a low number is a much lower number.

The last major variable is the interest rate.  For every 0.25% they go up, $750 per year is added to my costs.

So the lesson here is, don’t open an art gallery for aspiring and emerging artists if you want to make money.  Open an art gallery for aspiring and emerging artists for the love of art and to help a segment of our community get a head start. The initial costs of purchasing art hanging systems is going to be a bit in the start, but once you get setup, you’ll be fine, and if you create a reward and recognition program.

I hope you have found this post interesting, and I hope that you will tell your aspiring and emerging artist friends about one hundredth gallery.

Our success and ability to support aspiring and emerging artists well into the future depends on it!

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How Much Does Cloud Services Cost Your Business?

Cloud and Fog

The issue today is that cloud services has matured, together with our understanding of the many variables impacting migration, many companies are still basing their transition techniques on a side-by-side cost contrast between computing in the cloud and on-premise. While this provides extremely specific figures for the overall cost of ownership (TCO) of moving, these numbers ignore a variety of factors to consider that are hard to quantify with any precision. This method fails to consider the overarching benefits that cloud provides to business as a whole.

cloud services

Security and Compliance

No conversation of cloud could be complete without discussing security and compliance. An extensive security evaluation is an essential part of due diligence when thinking about a move to the cloud, such as identifying where information will physically reside, and what space or territory, what physical and logical access security exist, and what security software and hardware protects the information center. But the shift to cloud is likewise the ideal chance to evaluate the resources that an enterprise currently puts towards managing security accreditation and compliance. Will cloud further make complex compliance for the company, or is it a chance to minimize the concern by shifting some responsibility onto the provider?

Catastrophe Recovery

The final area to consider is fortinet disaster recovery as a service and backup treatment. If these procedures are currently handled manually by IT staff, how could automation enable companies to decrease or re-appoint the resources invested in these efforts?

From the organizational and operational perspective, the decision to move into the cloud is among the most important steps that a company can take today. The pressure on the CIO not just to provide a successful migration, however to precisely predict the financial benefits of the move, is huge. Instead of concentrating on a simple cost comparison between 2 totally matchless models, IT managers will build a much more engaging case for cloud if they examine the seven areas detailed above. While the concern of direct cost comparisons will constantly hang in the air, often it’s not dreadful to be oblivious of the response– when the concern itself is wrong.

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Debt consolidation

debt consolidationIf you are looking for a way out of overwhelming debt, Christian debt consolidators may be able to save you.  Debt consolidation is a means of combining all sources of outstanding debt into one monthly payment.  This one payment will be lower than the sum of your existing payments, and the consolidation loan will often be offered at a lower interest rate, reducing the total amount spent over the life of the loan.  With Christian debt consolidation, clients can be secure in the knowledge that their value system is shared by their lender.  For any person of faith who is struggling with debt, consider turning to a Christian debt consolidation program.

Debt is consolidated when a borrower takes out a new loan to cover the cost of all outstanding debt.  One lender then assumes the total debt load for a client, and one monthly payment may be made to cover the balance.  In many cases, consolidation loans will have lower interest rates than credit cards or other types of unsecured debt, so the savings to the client will be substantial.    Consolidating debt should always be considered before one declares bankruptcy, as it will have fewer negative consequences on the credit report and will give borrowers the satisfaction of settling what it owed.

If you are looking for a consolidation company, it may be worth trying one that offers Christian debt solutions.  With the proliferation of services available through local banks and the internet, it can be nice to know that the company with whom you are partnered shares your values.  Many will understand and help budget for any religious obligations a client would like to maintain even throughout their personal credit issues.  There are a number of companies that offer a Christian perspective in financial management, so be sure to check with the Better Business Bureau or look into any reviews available online before making the ultimate decision of whom to trust with your financial future.

If done early, Christian debt counseling can eliminate the necessity of pursuing any of the more drastic steps for repairing credit.  For those who have not fallen too behind on payments, it may be possible for a financial advisor to meet with you and simply create a new budget that will allow you to remain solvent.  If this is an option for your household, you may avoid any damage to a credit report.  In addition, it will be possible to keep relationships with current credit holders positive in case you are in a position to use their services again in the future.  Another important function of debt counseling is learning how to understand and fix your credit report.  Advisors will make sure your credit report is correct and that your credit score is an actual reflection of your true history.

Managing finances is one of the most intimidating and personal things that all people must do.  In order to know that a service provider has your best interests at heart, consider working with Christian debt consolidators.

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